Opening Hours


We are open
We will be re-opening from Monday 12th April however, we are are only able to offer outside seating at this time due to government restrictions. We have done our best to make our outside area as useable as possible but it is still susceptible to bad weather condtions meaning we will be unable to open on days with heavy rain or strong winds. Booking is essential at the moment as spaces are very limited, the best way to book is to give us a call on 01403 588 338. 
 April   All opening dates are subject to change if the weather forecast is poor. 
 Mon 12th  10:30am - 4pm 
 Tue 13th 10:30am - 4pm
 Wed  14th 10:30am - 4pm
 Thur  15th  10:30am - 4pm
 Fri  16th  10:30am - 4pm
 Sat  17th  10:30am - 4pm
Sun 18th 10:30am - 4pm
Mon 19th 10:30am - 4pm
Tue 20th Closed
Wed 21st Closed
Thur 22nd 10:30am - 4pm
Fri 23rd 10:30am - 4pm
Sat 24th 10:30am - 4pm
Sun 25th 10:30am - 4pm
Mon 26th Closed
Tue 27th Closed
Wed 28th 10:30am - 4pm
Thur 29th 10:30am - 4pm
Fri 30th 10:30am - 4pm